The Matchbook Diaries

Shanghai Farm Life Wednesday May 22, 2024

Recently on our normal scoot through the countryside in the evenings we saw a man moving two goats.  They were tied to his scooter by a rope and each goat was trotting behind as he slowly scooted towards home.

Flower delivery bike from last weekend.

Nights you see the farmers standing proudly over their crops, admiring the growth.  Each bit of exposed, undeveloped land is utilized by squatting farmers.  So any time a building is torn down if it is not rebuilt fields spring up.  Little holes will be made in the chain link fences around vacant land and you will see people ducking in and out with hoes and buckets or hunched over just inside the space sorting vegetables.  Each plot is treasured and quite well tended.

Last night a woman was squatting in the dirt road with a metal pan of mustard seeds.  She was taking the tiny black seeds out in small bowlfuls and then letting it drift back down into the metal pan.  As she did that the chaff blew away in little white clouds.  She kept repeating the process to clean the seeds.