About Gypsy Faith

The consequences of human freedom can be staggeringly beautiful or catastrophic, yet even given these polarities, choice is our biggest blessing. Choice defines us. We behold the infinite variety of life and recognize what makes our hearts sing. While it’s frighteningly easy to overthink things and to confuse myself, it is impossible to overlove things. The intellect can lie, but the heart cannot. Our great purpose is to love and to be loved. GypsyFaith is trust in the enchanting, passionate, and magical journey that is shepherded by our human heart.

GypsyFaith’s treasures and ideas are the song of my heart. My heart plunges me into social, emotional, and fiscal risks that override my ego’s objections. The aftermath of following my heart is greater personal liberty. I use my heart as a supernatural compass to my personal true north, into meaning, joy, and power.

I know my heart is singing when I look at, hear, touch, smell or taste something and I feel a quiet, involuntary smile forming on my mouth. Then, responding, I choose to turn towards that catalytic thing, because inside of it hides a piece of my soul. My heart sung the first time I saw Chester Bennington sing with Linkin Park; the first time I read Chris Hedges and Franz Wright.  My heart sings when it hears a New York accent. My heart sings when I find a piece of folk art and connect to the person whose hands touched it first, whose passion as a creator is expressed within that object. I have no room at all for anything more, yet I gather that object to myself and keep it as a treasure, as a souvenir of identity, as a pointer to the true and the real.

I loved my matchbooks from the moment I beheld them, long ago, in my husband’s grandmother’s attic. I opened a dusty box labelled MATCHES without any thought as to what that label might mean when out spilled these little talismen, these sweet little currencies from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. I love their modesty. I love their old smell. I love it that they were given away, one hand to another, for free, and likely travelled in someone’s pocket alongside their change, their family photos, and their lucky charms.

People scramble to be rich, right and good. Freedom is knowing I’ll never be good, but I’ll always be loved. My treasures won’t save the world. But they can put my heart next to yours and in that nexus my joy is multiplied by connecting to yours. There’s power in that for both of us.

GypsyFaith is faith in beauty and truth to be powerful agents of redemption and liberty. We are, all of us, beloved children of God. Follow your heart when it sings and you will find the treasure inside of that enigmatic process to be your transcendent, incandescent God-given identity.