The Matchbook Diaries

Nights in a Shanghai Village – May 27, 2024

There was HUGE squash at the market – bigger than I am!

Last night we took a long night scoot through the neighboring villages – it was like 9:15pm – the sun had set, and we turned through this one area where there are normally food vendors who drive these wee carts on scooters.  The carts have glass fronts and stoves and the vendors cook fresh noodles and vegetables and skewers of meat to order.  Anyhow.  Last night when we passed by we hit the place at the perfect moment.  Behind the carts were arranged a bunch of low plastic tables and small plastic stools – pink, yellow, and blue.  And there must have been like 30-40 people all gathered outside eating the vendors’ food together.  There was a low murmur of contented communal conversation as seemingly everyone in that village shared a Sunday evening meal together in the open air amid the rice fields.

It’s those kinds of moments that I treasure from our life here.  We had a busy weekend hosting and attending expat parties and none looked anything like as beautiful as that supper.