Found is not really what I’d call this. It was thrown out on a pile of stuff in one of Doha’s gorgeous parks. Oh my I wanted it. I loved the colors and the Arabic and then the neatly tallied bits of cable that have been written in nothing less CONTINUE >

In the Qatari desert, I found an entire foosball team. It was really, really hard to get these guys off of that metal bar that impales them, but I was so offended by it that eventually, I prevailed. I have used some of them in bigger projects, but I mostly CONTINUE >

In Qatar if a family leaves their original home in the desert, you may find that many things they intended to throw out have been buried in the sand. So I’d often go scavenging in the sand near our house and once I found this really cool dress. It weighs CONTINUE >

Qatari people love animals. In the souq you can find flying foxes, parrots, fish, cats, turtles, and all manner of rabbits. But it’s their big animals that they dress up in finery. These tiny little animals I bought in the airport, and I keep them as a wee pack.

I found this at a Beijing exhibit in Doha, Qatar. Doha has a glorious set of museums, and this was a traveling show.