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The GypsyFaith Story

The consequences of human freedom can be staggeringly beautiful or catastrophic, and yet, even given these polarities, choice is our biggest blessing. Choice defines us. We behold the infinite variety of life and recognize what makes our hearts sing.

GypsyFaith is trust in the enchanting, passionate, and magical journey that is shepherded by our human heart.


The Matchbook Diaries

True stories of travel and inspiration


My next-door neighbor in our compound reconstructed a Banksy stencil and spraypainted it on the outside of his house. It’s of a guy dressed in terror garb hurling a bouquet of flowers. I trotted right over and borrowed that stencil and made a few copies for myself and my friends. CONTINUE >


Hell as a consequence imposed by God is hard to swallow and luckily, not true.  Men are the architects of hell, not God. Hell is not a designed condition, it is a byproduct of free will, an unavoidable consequence of moral disease. Hell doesn’t contain a single soul that loves CONTINUE >


The essence of folk art is its humanity. Folk art doesn’t have any pretenses; it’s sturdy, nearly sloppy, almost practical. Folk art isn’t above being likeable and is never in danger of being misunderstood. In a museum, fine art is regal and sublime; when I behold such things, I feel CONTINUE >

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