The Matchbook Diaries

Tuesday Morning November 22, Shanghai

Lovely twinkly day.  I vacuumed and mopped which deeply troubles Dandan kitten – he gives the machine stink eye until I’m done and then kind of smirks at the mop.  The greatest thing is that this place is so tiny I hardly have to work to keep it clean.  My vacuum reaches nearly the whole place in one go.  Today I passed a very old man in a chair, sitting quietly outdoors, his face turned up into the brilliant wintery sunshine – contentment.  The Chinese do contentment well.

We shall not travel over the holidays.  We kept planning to buy tickets, then we’d never get to it, which isn’t like us.  After 4 weeks I concluded we actually just need to be happy at home over this two week break in December.  The huge CNY holiday comes soon enough in February if we get itchy feet.