The Matchbook Diaries

Tuesday Morning December 5th, Shanghai

After Mass last Sunday we went to the American place we usually go to for lunch – 5 Guys.  It’s comfort food and they play American music there.  Last weekend while my husband and son were getting the food I was sitting there at a low table near to the tall bar type tables and a local man and his little son were eating.  Some American rock song was playing and the little fellow was so into it.  He was waving his arms around like a conductor to the music and then was imitating the English lyrics.  It was just precious, made my heart sing.

Recently I’ve been limited my own access to reading, something I do compulsively.  When I don’t read, and, at the moment anyhow, sit and look at the Christmas tree, I suddenly know that life is so good and that peace is just right there, right here in that moment of being still.