The Matchbook Diaries

Tuesday April 9, 2024 Shanghai, China – Chinese Pets

All the Japanese magnolias and flowering trees are in full force now here in Shanghai.  The other day, a few weeks ago, we were on our scooter – we travel here by ebike everyplace – and we came upon a woman who was riding a stand up scooter.  Here in Shanghai, alongside nearly every single road, there is a bike lane and it is huge and has its own signals and signs.  There are such enormous numbers of bikes and people that the whole system runs in tandem with the one for cars.  I always feel like it’s a playground – I mean we have bridges and underpasses and stuff it’s so much fun!  Anyhow – so we drove up behind this woman on a stand-up e-scooter and she wore a hard, clear backpack.  Her jet black hair was straight down her back and in the pack was this gorgeous white cat.  It was sniffing through its wee air holes and enjoying the ride, clearly not for the first time.

I’m told, but cannot say for certain, that pets like cats and dogs used to be illegal here.  What I know is that Chinese dogs and cats have clothes, equipment, toys, and immense affection from their humans here.  Every mall we enter has both men and women carrying around or walking very well coiffed and dressed dogs and CATS!  It’s wonderful.