The Matchbook Diaries

Thursday Morning January 18, Shanghai

It is chilly, which is terrific.

This is in the artsy part of town where local artists
keep their studios.

I was out walking the dog the other day and before I turned I heard a little scooting noise that was like a skateboard behind me.  It was a little fellow using his skateboard to follow along behind his grandma.  Then I turned into the part of the compound where it’s just sidewalks and no road and the grandma turned to go out the gate.  Then there was that little noise again behind me so I knew the little dude was following me, and I thought, “He wants to see me or the dog.”  But then as he rolled past us on his skateboard he turned to me and said, “Good afternoon!”  I replied, “Hi sweetheart, Good afternoon!”  He was grinning madly; he was incredibly proud of himself to be speaking English to me, formal English.  It was absolutely adorable.  As he skated off I could see from his cheeks that he was still grinning.  Stuff like that just makes my day.