The Matchbook Diaries

Thanksgiving in China 2023

In Tanzania, where we just lived for the past 7 years, it was illegal to eat turkey.  So I always made my famous (Silver Palate!) beef stroganoff.  Delish, delish, delish.  We had a table made of mango wood so we could have a seated dinner for 12-14 people. Thanksgiving is a time for friends.  And booze. And food!

Then we shipped that table and everything from 2 decades of expat life back to the US and decided to travel light to China.  So my new place doesn’t look like a museum.  I miss my stuff a lot.  I’m definitely a person who loves stuff.  Now I’m insanely buying the coolest Chinese kitsch on Tao Bao which is their version of EBay but way cooler and cheaper than EBay.  Most recently I’m buying dogs dressed in clothes – they’re like 2 inches tall.  Cuteness.  I’ve got a LOT of little dressed dogs now.

Now we are in a teensy place in Shanghai and my oven is literally the size of a large shoebox.  So our dinner is about to be delivered.  You can have pretty much anything delivered here – canned gas, goldfish…. It’s different everyplace.  When we lived in Qatar I had my driver fetch us dinner which I then proceeded to burn because I did not understand our oven in the villa where we’d just moved in.

Thanksgiving is my happiest holiday.  It feels like the time when I’m the most grateful to have people I love in my life.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!