The Matchbook Diaries

Saturday Morning November 25, Shanghai

We got the tree out of the box and then stopped.  Pinck got home after dark from work and we didn’t push it.  It’s a mini-tree for our mini-place my son says.  It’s gonna be awesome, I’m decreeing.  Lights – these are the key in my opinion.  Lots and lots and lots of lights.

We adopted Dandan, our kitten, from a vet in Qatar.  A woman saved him – he’d been living in her car engine, I think to stay out of the heat.  I did not know heat until we lived in Doha.  It’s so hot there sometimes you cannot walk around outdoors for any length of time.  Danny cares – he’s such a great cat.  After the Middle East we moved to Tanzania, where it is warm all the time too, but here in Shanghai winter is approaching and Dan has figured out how to get between the mattress and the duvet in our room.  I just went in there and there’s a little lump where his father’s feet are at night – Dan sleeps in the same spot every day now that it’s chilly.

Pinck is making blueberry pancakes!