Live Beautifully.

In the attic of my husband’s grandmother’s house, I found an enchanting box of 1920’s matchcovers that Grandma Alice collected on her honeymoon. Old things that have been touched by many hands, weathered from use, make my heart sing. I’ve spent my whole life looking for such things. Matchbooks are little soldiers with happy signs on their backs that are given away for free. They travel in handbags and pockets, jingling alongside coins and lipstick. They light birthday cakes and smokes and are, for a moment, currency of light. Our fridge magnets are a way to remember that there will always be, lingering along the edges of our lives, a way to connect with one another, a way to give light and kindness. Our Matchbook Company is not only about magnets. GypsyFaith shares beauty and truth-giving light, just like old matchbooks!