The Matchbook Diaries

Friday afternoon October 27, 2023 Shanghai

It’s always a little more exciting when it’s Friday.  Got my eyelashes fixed and remembered again, whilst looking in the mirror, why I never buy white. Because I’m sporting my new white hoodie sweatshirt and I have a smudge on it already.  (sigh)

This is from a SUPER cool neighborhood in Shanghai.

Today I read a post from my home of choice in Maine regarding another of those shocking incidents – apparently in Lewiston.  (I do not follow such news so I don’t know what happened there.)  But I thought that it would be more productive for my dear community there in Maine to respond to that kind of threat not by tucking into the fact that where we call home is a remote island only reachable by ferry and therefore significantly less at risk, but rather, that in the face of mass senseless death we chose to live more, whatever that might look like.  It’s not worth it to make it about gun rights or politics.  Someone sad did something sad and a lot of people will pay for maybe the rest of their lives.  So it seems to me one kind of reply would be to decide that life is precious and so it’s time to – make cookies, go hiking, paint the wall, snuggie the dog…