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Vintage Barbie Doll Trunk, Barbie Doll Case, Dawn Doll Case, accessories, 100+ clothes, 45 pair shoes, 3 Barbies, 1 Ken, 4 Dawn etc. GypsyFaith Rummage VBDS

I found this vintage treasure trove and it’s soooo cool! I loved rediscovering it, finding the wee books a little person made to add to the collection, fiddling with the tiny combs and clothes and guitar and camera…. I played around with the shoes; when I was a girl I totally dug Barbie shoes but I always ended up chewing on them which tends to destroy them. I resisted the urge to repeat that habit. I’ve no use for this old collection, but I know people love Barbie and her colleagues. It weighs a bit more than 12 pounds once I boxed it. The inventory of the collection is mostly complete and consists of:
122 pieces of clothing
1 plastic sleeping bag thingie
20+ hangers
7 pair boots
5 Cokes
1 mustard (?) bottle
2 record players
2 phones, one princess one regular
1 suitcase
2 plastic hats
clothesline and pins
2 radios
1 camera
6 pairs of glasses
1 mannequin (just the body on a stick)
Barbie Doll Trunk
Barbie Doll Case
Dawn Doll Case
3 plastic chairs
1 plastic couch
1 plastic piece of furniture
2 wood tables
3 wood chairs
3 Barbie dolls
1 Ken doll
4 Dawn dolls
1 clipboard
7+ combs
5+ brushes
4+ mirrors
1 guitar
1 tennis racquet
1 handbag
5 clutch purses
1 necklace
1 hard hat
3 wicker chairs
1 wicker table
45+ pairs of shoes and odd others


240 oz


22 × 19 × 15 in