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Pat Brady Amoco Reidsville North Carolina Matchbook Excess Inventory 20 strike XS9

I buy huge collections of matchcovers and then I sort them.  If I already have a cover, I drop it into my dupes box to resell.  These are covers I have more than one copy of, and are actual old matchcovers.  Most all of my inventory is from 1920 – 1960.  I am putting these back into the universe.  When I turn a cover into a sticker, I keep the original that I used to make the magnet or sticker, but, ultimately, I wind up with lots of duplicate covers.

My whole office smells like old matchcovers!  I absolutely LOVE everything about the covers, the way they feel, that they’ve been passed hand to hand, that they once provided light….  So, enjoy them!

***This old cover will not ship to you in a fancy envelope.  I repackage each cover in a small wax paper envelope then I mail it first class in a regular envelope and use a bit of recycled cardboard to strengthen it.  It’s unlikely to bend in shipment.  The costs of fancy mailers would far exceed the value of this product since I’m selling the cover at about my cost or below.



.6 oz


6.5 × .1 × 3.5 in