Lone Star Cement Corp Texcor Starcor Deep Oil Well Cement Chuckatuck Virginia Matchbook Sticker (MB363)

This old company was situated in the Chuckatuck region of Virginia mainly because it was a perfect place to acquire the ingredients needed to make certain kinds of cement – Marl and blue mud.  In order to access the mine, Lone Star purchased a fancy electric machine (Byrcus Erie) that required the use of a 2000 US foot (610 meters) long extension cord to carry 11,000 volts.  If, in the midst of the deep drilling the machine encountered rock that was too dense to break without breaking the fancy machine, the boss, Harvey Saunders, would climb into the bucket himself and be lowered into the hole with sticks of dynamite in his hand.  He’d then take a very, very long fuse, after dropping in the explosive, and light the thing, causing massive water geysers.  It was a fantastic event to witness, and he often took his little son (Harvey Jr.) in with him in the giant metal bucket of the machine so his boy could watch the magnificent explosions.  These kinds of stories are why I collect matchcovers, because it matters to celebrate the people in the world who scurry around here for 50 or 70 or a 100 years and accomplish the most beautiful things.  If you want to know more go visit  SUCH a cool site.

The image you see is exactly what we use to produce your bespoke sticker.  All stickers are custom made.  (We include 1 free GypsyFaith sticker per order.)

All GypsyFaith die-cut vinyl stickers are printed on glossy, premium, extra thick vinyl.  We then seal the image in clear laminate so that it will be particularly resistant to fading or tearing.  We will only sell the absolute top end of any particular product on our site.  Our intention, as we developed this product, was to make it as durable and valuable as our magnet products.

Images used to make our stickers are scanned at 9600dpi resolution, reduced to 960dpi for production.

SIZE:  This sticker is exactly 1.851 x 2.141 inches OR  4.703 x 5.439 cm.

It ships in a photo-type mailer to prevent bending.

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