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Id-Ka-Chand Islamic Arabic Safety Matches Made in Pakistan Matchbook Sticker (MB481)

The crescent moon is not universally accepted as a symbol of Islam, however, the moon itself in Islam can be interpreted as the benevolent sign of God’s guidance for humanity.  I’ve studied pieces of the Qu’ran , and from my own studies the faith in many ways reflects the I-Ching of China, a philosophy I’ve studied in depth.  Part of Islam’s focus, from my own excessively limited perspective, is about the orientation of your personal life.  The moon, of course, has a profoundly orienting power on earth, and, therefore, when the moon is used as an icon, it can be a illuminating lens through which to reach out to God and to understand God’s personal investment in all life, as well as God’s pivotal influence in the path of a believer.  So I love this matchcover and all that it represents.  Many of my personal friend’s read Arabic, but I’ve not imposed upon them to seek the meaning of any of my Arabic matchcovers.  I’d love to know what this says!

The image you see is exactly what we use to produce your bespoke sticker.  All stickers are custom made.  (We include 1 free GypsyFaith sticker per order.)

All GypsyFaith die-cut vinyl stickers are printed on glossy, premium, extra thick vinyl.  We then seal the image in clear laminate so that it will be particularly resistant to fading or tearing.  We will only sell the absolute top end of any particular product on our site.  Our intention, as we developed this product, was to make it as durable and valuable as our magnet products.

Images used to make our stickers are scanned at 9600dpi resolution, reduced to 960dpi for production.

SIZE:  This sticker is exactly 1.460  x 2.371 inches OR 3.709 x 6.022 cm.

It ships in a photo-type mailer to prevent bending.

*We require a minimum purchase of $10 for sticker orders.  We ship First Class US Mail for our customers domestic and international; for domestic orders the ship time is approximately 7 days.  We do not expedite shipping.  Cost for shipping, as well as tax, is calculated at checkout.



1.8 oz


6 × .1 × 6 in