Excess Bulk Vintage Matchcovers VLGS 213

This set is composed of 74 front 20-strike covers and also other covers as you see in the image.  So you’re buying the 20-strike covers but also getting the foreign matchbox covers and some other covers.  Most covers I buy are from the 1920’s to the 1960’s, though sometimes younger covers sneak in.  The covers are in used (sometimes bad) but mostly just old condition.  In some cases they have been cut out of scrapbooks so they have scrapbook paper on the back – not usually, but sometimes.  Some covers are bobtailed, meaning that they are missing their strikeplate.  There are no dupes in any of these sets.  Be careful and inspect the images to make sure you’re buying exactly the set you want.  These are extra covers I have because when I buy huge collections I often have a lot of the ones I am buying.  I do not sell covers I use to make magnets or stickers.  But these are all extra or dupe overs, so I’m reentering these little lambs into circulation. I will post them to you in the mailer you see with just a bit of recycled cardboard in to protect the covers.


6.6 oz


10 × .5 × 7 in