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Dodgers Brooklyn Baseball Matchbook Magnet

Wow, when I found this matchbook I thought it was magnificent. The first baseball game I ever watched outside of New York was with my husband when he took me to see his team, the Braves, play the Dodgers in LA. The night after that baseball game we drove back to our rent house in the valley and stopped off in an adjacent neighborhood to check out this little house we wanted to buy. We ended up sneaking into the back yard of that empty house and the neighbor, a tough guy from Boston, came roaring out from across the street demanded to know what we were doing. By the time we left his house, he’d decided we were good kids. We bought that house and ate at Uncle Mike’s Boston pizza every Friday night the whole time we lived in LA.

I love it that the name Dodgers originates from the capacity of people living in Brooklyn to dodge the streetcars as they whizzed up and down old New York neighborhoods; they were called “trolley dodgers”. Also, what’s really awesome about the Dodgers is that they broke the color barrier first, hiring Jackie Robinson. They say Robinson was hired not just because he was a spectacular player, but because he had noble character and would be able to withstand the withering insults hurled from the stands when the first Black player walked onto the commercial baseball field. The big rivalry with the Giants played out oddly in that both the Giants and the Dodgers left the East Coast and permanently settled on the West Coast.