Copacabana Plaza 8-1060 Matchbook Sticker (MB38)

Of course this famous place of the Barry Manilow song was owned in large part by a mobster, only adding to its allure as an exotic, sensational club saturated in its own mystique with Brazilian/Latin themes.  Probably didn’t hurt that the Copa had it’s own sexy set of chorus girls.  It was one of the first clubs in New York to shatter the race barrier for Harry Belafonte and as a result hosted blockbuster concerts and shows by the Supremes, the Temptations, Sammy Davis, Jr., Marvin  Gaye alongside of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  In fact, one of the coolest bits of race-related history from Copa is that one night a bunch of Yankee players were in there partying with their wives whilst Sammy Davis performed – and not just any Yankee’s, but Mickey mantle and Yogi Berra, among others, when a drunken audience member began hurling racial slurs at Sammy Davis.  The Yankee’s quickly came to Davis’ defense, breaking the jaw of one of the men.  So, you know, it’s a badass spot, and even cooler because of what went down there.

I love this woman. I think she’s impossible, and a bitch, and so sexy. To be truly sexy, a woman has to be a bit sloppy, a bit unraveled and uncalculated. I look at this woman and I know she follows her heart into the arms of a man who is senselessly passionate for her.  People are in love with this matchbook. We sell more of her than almost anything – by far number 1 in terms of popularity with one or two exceptions. She’s got SUCH a fabulous pout going. I imagine this to be an absolutely demanding, impossibly fun woman. Love her hank of gorgeous black hair, too.  Utterly delicious is what she is, she knows it and we know it too.

The image you see is exactly what we use to produce your bespoke sticker.  All stickers are custom made.  (We include 1 free GypsyFaith sticker per order.)

All GypsyFaith die-cut vinyl stickers are printed on glossy, premium, extra thick vinyl.  We then seal the image in clear laminate so that it will be particularly resistant to fading or tearing.  We will only sell the absolute top end of any particular product on our site.  Our intention, as we developed this product, was to make it as durable and valuable as our magnet products.

Images used to make our stickers are scanned at 9600dpi resolution, reduced to 960dpi for production.

SIZE:  This sticker is exactly 1.835 x 2.362 inches OR 4.66 x 5.999 cm (It is about the size of the original matchcover.)

It ships in a photo-type mailer to prevent bending.

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1.8 oz


6 × .1 × 6 in