Black Feng Shui Silicon Toe or Pinky Ring with gold Mandarin characters

I lived in China for three years and during that time I studied Chinese philosophy.  The I Ching and all of the wisdom connected to Feng Shui is a magnificent, illuminating body of information.  Every Chinese person uses elements of this philosophy daily, and nearly every decision made in China is connected in some way to this dense, glorious philosophy.  One of my favourite objects from my time there is a red feng shui compass.  No Chinese home would be ordered without using it, and the reasoning behind the way objects are placed and life is lived was an earthshattering revelation to me.

I love everything about the I Ching, and the deeper I study it, the more profound its wisdom becomes.  So I thought it would be really cool to design a little compass that I could carry around with me, a sort of talisman for authentic orientation.  This toe ring took years and years to design as my business partner and agent in China wanted it to be perfect in every respect.  We could not include the vast majority of the characters (guas) of the compass on this ring, so we included only the elemental guas.  You have the two primary ones, Heaven or Qian-gua (Northwest, Autumn season, Creative spirit, expensive energy, Sky-nature, father figure) and Earth or K’un-gua (Southwest, Summer season, Receptive spirit, and Earth-nature).  These two gua marry and produce all the other gua:

Li (South, Fire-nature, Summer season, Middle daughter, radiance)

Dui (West, Lake or marsh nature, Autumn season, Youngest daughter, joy and satisfaction)

K’an (North, Water-nature, Winter season, Middle son, rapidity and danger)

Gen (Northeast, Mountainnature, Winter season, Youngest son, stillness)

Zhen (East, Thunder-nature, Spring season, Eldest son, revolutionary)

Xun (Southeast, Wind-nature, Spring season, Eldest daughter, flexibility and gentility.)

There is not enough time in a single lifetime to understand the extraordinary power within these elements and the perfect balance they describe, but this philosophy is enchanting, and utterly complimentary to the many religious faiths I have studied.  I incorporated the very heart of the I-Ching into my logo for a reason, so that I can honour and celebrate the ying and the yang, the concept of endless change and the enduring need for tolerance and balance.

One summer in Thailand I found a little rubber gasket on the beach that some SCUBA diver left behind.  I tucked it only my toe, and unlike the silver rings I normally tried to wear this rubber ring never hurt my feet, and was totally perfect if I put on a closed toed shoe.  So, after that, I was committed to doing something like that for my own design, a ring that never hurt the toe, and could be worn with regular shoes without hurting.

I could only afford to self-finance one size, and my experience has been that the ring stretches lightly to accommodate my toe, but I had to be extra careful and be sure that I was not wearing it too tight.  Then I wanted the ring not just printed, but etches, so that the lettering didn’t just rub right off over time, and, as with all GypsyFaith products, this was not being done, so we invented the process for our product.  I LOVE the result and I never take off my compass toe ring.

Then we consulted an expert in China at great length to make sure we got every element perfectly.  (And what happened?  We actually did the whole thing, the entire order, wrong side up the first time and redid 10,000 pieces!)

It’s a size 4 ring size, but the exact dimensions are right here for you.  I suggest taking a little bit of string and wrapping it around your toe or pinky to see if you can use it.  You can stretch it slightly, but you have to be careful not to wear a too-tight ring!

These are the exact dimensions of our toe/pinky ring:

Girth: 47 mm or 1.85 inches

Diameter: 14.9 mm or .586 inches

Width: 8 mm or .314 inches

Thickness: 2.4 mm or .094 inches



.3 oz


6.5 × .1 × 3.5 in


10000 in stock