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A & P Iced Coffee GypsyFaith Matchbook Magnet

A & P was the store my family used on Long Island when I was a child.  There were long narrow aisles of items, and the whole place always smelled like fresh raisins.  The Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company  was, until the mid 1960’s, the biggest retailer in the US.  Their original product was tea.  Much later A & P branched into coffee, then sugar, and then many items.  I love the icy coffee image, and the beautiful, old fashioned red and green on this matchcover.  It was so damaged when I found it I wasn’t sure if I could do justice to it.  I drink decaf espresso daily; couldn’t live happily without it.

For all of our magnets we share with you the image of the original matchbook before we edited it for commercial production. I keep a scan of each matchbook in our collection. We have about 4000 matchcovers hand scanned as we collected them. I think it’s interesting to see what the little matchbook looked like when I pulled it out from the pile.

All prices include free shipping in the US.
Size: 46mm x 60mm


GypsyFaith Matchbook Magnets are exceptionally strong, double the strength of a regular fridge magnet.  They are made of PVC, and have texture on the surface.  They will not fade or scratch easily.  They are nothing at all like cheaper, smooth surfaced magnets that you find everywhere. These are GypsyFaith’s own designs; no one sells our magnets but us.  We developed our matchbook magnets over 4 years.  Our pricing is dependent on the shipping charges.  There is a lower cost for each magnet after the first one.

1st Magnet  – $10, free shipping to USA (plus tax)

2nd Magnet – $8.60, free shipping to USA (charge is $18.60 plus local tax)

3rd Magnet – $7.65, free shipping to USA + a free GypsyFaith Magnet (charge is $26.25 plus local tax)

ALL additional magnets – $7.30 each, free shipping.  Total charge depends on number ordered.  (For example, if you order a total of 4 magnets, you’ll receive free shipping, a free GypsyFaith magnet, and the total would be $33.55, plus local tax.  For each additional magnet you will pay the same price, $7.30, so you can determine the total cost yourself.)


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