111 Vintage and Antique Labels in a Digital Printable Instant Download
NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED.  THIS IS A DIGITAL ITEM YOU PRINT YOURSELF AND USE AGAIN AND AGAIN.  If you lose your files at any time, you can redownload them for an unlimited time here.
This is a DIGITAL not a physical item.  You receive 4 compressed files to the email address you supply. The compressed files contain 7 high resolution Jpeg pages.  Each Jpeg is 300dpi and measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is ready to instantly print.  The images in this listing are exactly what the pages look like when printed out on an ordinary printer.  (I just use an Epson ecoink printer.)
Be sure you include your email address so I can deliver your files to you.  They will arrive to you compressed, and you will download them, open the file, extract all, and find 7 jpeg pages ready for printing.
You print them at home and can use them as is, or incorporate them into your own journal pages.
I collected some of these while we travel, some really cool ones came from Portugal where you can find awesome labels (in Lisbon), others I bought little by little from my favourite online store source for real labels  Chris and Don’s Old Stuff (check it out!), and some I found among our our family archives.  The teacup label, which is one of my very best ones, that one comes from this tobacco label online place I love called Cerebro. The bottle caps have always been my hobby as I flatten them and use them to tile our porch walls. I’m constantly pick up caps wherever we are and carry home little sacks in my luggage.   We have bottle caps from everyplace!  But the antique ones in this set come from an EBay seller I love.
Labels that are included:  Bluebird Grape Soda, Thorobred Fruits, Daisy Oranges, Burlington County Farms, Knox Gelatine, Tru Root Rootbeer, Lea and Perrins Sauce, A & P Lima Beans, +3 Molen (windmill) Flour, Rosa Rancho Vegetables, Half Grapefuit Half Lemon, 2 Way, Wenatchee’s Blue Seal, Spur, Thumbs up Soda, Tokay Tea, Crystal Mustard, Dewkist Sour Chow Chow, Happy Herm Vegetables, Valencia Onions, Gin Fizz, Orange Dry Soda, Mermaid Sardines, Table Hints Evaporated Milk, Golden Bosc Pears, Little Brown Jug Syrup, Full Oranges, Newark Corn, Dunbar Pears, Ritz Pink Grapefruit, New York State Concord Grapes, Tabasco Sauce, Guernsey Milk, Burkhart’s Milk, Blue Heron Oranges, Piggy Pears, Victory Yams, Oh Boy Peanut Butter, Raga Amer Liqueur, Marvel Coffee, Cheerio Vegetables, Blue Goose Pears, Pride of Virginia Herring, Red Ball Evening Star, Frisco Vegetables, Teen Age Vegetables, Union Pure Coffee Tea, Premier Lima Beans, Good News Grapes, A-Okay Fruits, Drummer Boy Sardines, Grandstand Citrus, Tokay Tea, June Boy Pickles, Up n’ Atom Carrots, Hoghead Apple Wine, Silver Tray Lime Rickey, Galt House Blend Coffee, Star Wine, Yacht Club Port, Big John Red Grape Wine, Maple Sweet Syrup, Wayne Early Evergreen, Voight’s Royal Patent Flour, Quinquina Jimmy, Wisconsin Dill Pickles, Challenger Vegetables, Erath’s Flavoring Syrup, Waldorf Apples, Cairo Beauties, Bonnie Babe Lettuce, Peter Piper Sliced Beets, Appleton Brand Apples, Koba Fruits, Duke’s Beer, Old Red Eye, Patsy Smoked Sardines, Durkee’s Salad Dressing, Albert Sochor Milk, Verhampshire Peanut Butter, Raymond’s Blueberries, Wayne Ggolden Bantam Corn, Howdy Orange Soda, Top Row California Vegetables, Snaider Syrups, Mustang Vegetables, Buckingham California Bartletts, Navajo Citrus, Duckwall Pears, Pemco sardines, Red Moon Mellow Sweet Peas, DMF Farms, Butterfly Brand, Hearts Delite Citrus, Green Head asparagus, Rising Sun Coffee, Oyster Bay asparagus, Cook’s 500 Ale, R-Pep, Caledonia Brand, Apple Nick, Squeeze Imitation Soda, Texus Tomatoes, JoJo Melons, Vieille Fine Spirits, Millar’s Coffee, Vin Rouge, Coon Sweet Potatoes, White Lightnin, IGA Grape Juice, and Africano Spirits.
**  These digital images are for your personal use and pleasure, and cannot be resold in any form