101 Vintage Matchcovers in Digital Printable Instant Download

This is a DIGITAL not a physical item.  You receive 4 compressed files to the email address you supply. The compressed files contain 7 high resolution Jpeg pages.  Each Jpeg is 300dpi and measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is ready to instantly print.  The images in this listing are exactly what the pages look like when printed out on an ordinary printer.  (I just use an Epson ecoink printer.)

You print them at home and can use them as is, or incorporate them into your own journal pages.

There are a total of 7 high resolution 8.5 x 11 inch Jpeg pages, 4 of them are filled with matchcovers from the 1920’s through the 50’s. The final 3 dark pages (1 leather folio cover, 1 old newspaper page, and one page from an old book) are for two purposes, first, as the reverse page for your matchbooks and then also backdrop pages if you elected to make this a junk journal page with tons of embellishments. As I developed this I realized that even when you ink and fold the covers to make them all double sided, you still need a dark reverse side on these to make them super vintage when completed. You will instantly download 5 zipped files completely ready for printing.

There are 101 different matchbooks here from all kinds of mom and pop places, for food and candy and snacks, for wonderful little hotels, for swanky old clubs, for tiny little pubs and restaurants, and for loads of different, cool old products, lovely food ads, as well as amazing Chinese and other foreign matchbox covers. These are ADORABLE when you print them out and make them into little matchbooks. They’d make cool garlands and collages, and of course they look amazing dangling from journal pages.

I found my first set of really, really old matchbooks when I was in my husband’s grandma’s attic. I found a collection she made when driving across the US on her honeymoon! OMG I was so in love with those little covers that they inspired my whole business. Even the logo for GypsyFaith is connected to Grandma Alice it’s actually the interior of an envelope she used to send a love letter to her fiancé before their wedding. Sadly, I lose ALL of her love letters and many of my matchbooks when our house burnt to the ground two years ago, but I am so happy that because of my work, I’d scanned nearly everything already. I’ve been collecting matchcovers ever since I discovered that first set. I love everything about them that they travel in purses and pockets and that they arer a way to share light. I love it that they are given away for free and used and used and used and then often saved as mementoes. These are a tiny fraction of my collection. I thought I’d start sharing them.

***Please restrict your use of these digital items to your personal pleasure and not for resale in any form.