A journal isn’t effective as a lament.  It ought to be about remembering, savouring.  Souvenir means remember.  My life needs to be meaningful and happy enough that I actually can collect a souvenir every day for my journal.  I mean the point is to be present, to recall things.  I’m going to start a habit of collecting at least one item to put into my journal every day so that I can revisit my journal to actually re-see my life.  I’ve begun a paper journal and it’s incredibly satisfying to spend the evening before sleep filling it in and reflecting.  Adding that memento is going to be important and really effective in assisting my clarity.  Then I am actually looking, trying to create visual memories.  The walk with the dog today in the cold winter rain through the Maine forest had so many moments to see and to dial into what I love about winter.  The goal this winter is to live beautifully, not just to decorate beautifully.  I can make things pretty, but the life in my life has to feel beautiful and the little pieces I save, as well as the written journal, those are talismans.

I’m creating these gorgeous journal pages meant to inspire me with wonder and to trigger my heart, but I think it’s important to have a tangible piece of every day.  I took a bit of the flour bag for yesterday’s souvenir.  I am thinking it might often be a photo on my phone that I print out.

I have not wanted peace or happiness.  I wanted the truth.  I have the truth now.  Now I want those things, and I am certain that I can find them by slowing way the fuck down and by deliberately remembering the moments in my day that are good, and there are a LOT of those.