In Qatar if a family leaves their original home in the desert, you may find that many things they intended to throw out have been buried in the sand. So I’d often go scavenging in the sand near our house and once I found this really cool dress. It weighs CONTINUE >

These four burial jars are carvings of the Egyptian gods Imsety (liver), Duamutef (stomach), Hapy (lungs), and Qebehsenuef (intenstines). These four gods that are the face of canopic jars stand guard over certain pieces of the person with whom they are entombed. I like the way Egyptians have a face CONTINUE >

This little green Anubis is from Luxor. I really love his casual, hippy vibe, like he’s just hanging out having a good time. One of the coolest things about Luxor, other than the glorious Nile river, is that many of the people ride about in donkey carts. Donkeys, unlike horses, CONTINUE >