At a market I found these little papier mache birds. The artist carried them to the market in a gigantic white trash bag and only put one or two on the table. But when I asked she showed me that she had hundreds and hundreds of these birds in that CONTINUE >

A dear friend of mine who lived with us in Dar and has since moved to Mexico gave me this from her beautiful collection of Chinese kites that she aquired working as a librarian in China. This long guy hangs over my head every day where I work.

I love the ink and gold leaf on this, and most especially the blue paper.

These tiles are ubiquitous in Stone Town. They normally reclaim them from discarded furniture and then sell them by the piece. I really, really love the crumbly, old paper on the back of the glass, A lot of people use the tiles to make wooden benches and decorate the back CONTINUE >

I love Anubis. This is handmade in paper mache and then mounted on a bit of cotton fabric. I bought him from a folk artist in Luxor.

I pulled this from a telephone pole in Koh Tao, Thailand one summer and have had it framed in my house ever since. I love everything about it, from its philosophy to the way the words are spelt. I hope Baptifuli is still sailing.

All of the folkart I collected in Newfoundland expresses a shared bouyancy and innocence that I find connected to the soul of the region where we stayed a summer. This little print embodies the bright, happy green and blue that is Newfoundland in summer. Most of the local houses are CONTINUE >