Someone in my compound threw out a wooden star that had a chip in the side. I took it home and embellished it with junk jewelry.

I find hearts all over the place. I keep them in my mom’s Passover dish beside my dressing table.

There is one big, fat, jam-packed, teetering curio store in Stone Town where you can find the coolest stuff ever. The owner’s passion is enamel signs, and he has so many amazing ones, many of which he won’t actually sell. This Eveready guy hangs out in our bathroom, watching my CONTINUE >

This is a shelf in my office. The little orange faced lady was something my son made when he was in KG – her eyes were made of play dough, though, and fell off. So I drew new ones. That flowered yellow can she sits on is part of a CONTINUE >

In Arusha, Tanzania there is a gigantic art market mostly connected to the native Massai people. But when I was there I met the sister of a guy who was making these twiga – giraffe in Kiswahili – from used car parts. I loved them so much I bought every CONTINUE >

After our summer in Koh Tao, Thailand, and my delight in the Thai custom of home altars, I took home loads of driftwood from the gorgeous wooden water taxi boats and fishing boats, and I built this altar. It evolved over time. The green prayer flag was given to me CONTINUE >

During six weeks in Sri Lanka I was enchanted by the tea fields. They are incredibly dark green and peaceful. That summer the three of us still fit on one scooter. My son stood in the front, no matter how long the drive, and I held onto my husband as CONTINUE >

The entire old city in Marrakech was glorious. On the last few days I found this little stall tucked off someplace and I ended up behind the guy’s counter plowing through all of his stashes of beads. He was an honorable salesman so I didn’t get much of a bargain, CONTINUE >

The tribal region of Egypt produces splendid metal sculpture. I bought this little skinny elephant on the street.

This mosaic represents 10 years of found material collecting and 3 years of my work in my free time. There is this story about a mythological non-feline panther that gorges itself and then sleeps three days and emerges amid a heavy perfume. The idea reminded me of Christ, so I CONTINUE >