Arusha, in Tanzania, is far north of the hot, crowded city where we live in Dar Es Salaam. Up there it is delightfully cool, and there are giant forests of eucalyptus that remind me of San Francisco. There is a massive market for local art there, and whilst there is CONTINUE >

Recently my best friend from high school, Cathey, lost her dad. I flew back to the US to be with her, and on the last night there I went to a thrift store late in the day. I fell in love with this cow. It was so dark when I CONTINUE >

This is one of my favorite all-time possessions. I found it on Palm Beach here in Dar. The man who wore it sewed it up with many different kinds of line on numerous occasions. There is a tear on the edge of the shoe that is sewn in fishing line. CONTINUE >

I found this at a Beijing exhibit in Doha, Qatar. Doha has a glorious set of museums, and this was a traveling show.