The Matchbook Diaries


This has been a time of reflection for me as I worked very, very hard to launch my site online, and to start sales by opening stores on Etsy and EBay.  Part of my process was to reenter the daily journaling that I’ve done a lot of my life, but not in quite some time.  To structure that experience I reapplied myself to reading Simple Abundance every night and making a new page for my massive junk journal nightly.  I committed to collecting an item per day to remember my life, and I have done so.  I also committed to one outdoor experience per day, and have done that as well, which is fairly amazing for me, as I live in such a forbidding place at the moment and we have had a very, very cold, bleak winter.  The process has been exceptionally healing and illuminating.

One idea to emerge from that process that seems really valuable is making life luxurious.  I made myself a list, and it has really helped me to focus.

My luxuries:

  1.  Silence
  2. Herb tea
  3. Clean house (I am remarkably touched when my home is sparkling clean)
  4. Hot water
  5. Junk Journaling
  6. Classical music
  7. Walks outside

These few things are incredibly soothing and satisfying.