Sometimes I pick something up just because I love it. This is one of those things. I don’t know what this mask is for. I really love the big, bushy animal hair that makes up the mustache and brows on this guy.

Every temple has a host of local suppliers for religious articles. I found this little Kamadhenu pitcher on the street outside of the temple in Bhaktapur. I love him.

I always buy fabric for my own quilting everywhere we travel. In Bhaktapur, one day, in the pouring rain, we crowded into one of the fabric shops and I tiny pieces of dozens of fabrics. Nepali women are beautifully dressed in long layers, each bit of fabric different from the CONTINUE >

In Kathmandu the old sections of the city all have buildings with these wooden windows. In the smaller neighboring city Bhaktapur, where we stayed, almost all the buildings have these carved windows. The Nepali people who stay in the old sections of town are especially tiny, smaller than I am CONTINUE >

These are handmade by women in Nepal. They stuff the rings with straw and plastic bags and then sew on the designs so they can use them to balance the cargo they carry on their heads. I bought all these in a really, really dirty, tiny little shop run by CONTINUE >